Monday, February 27, 2017


Generally we use store bought icing sugar. But it's almost impossible to get non-bleached variation. And you must have it stock if you need to prepare some recipe that calls for icing sugar.

Now it's not at all a great secret to prepare your own icing sugar. As I live in Germany now, here icing sugar is not available in stores. Online shops provide, but too expensive, € 25 per kg. So I prepare my own icing sugar and store in a air-tight container. If you have sugar and corn flour at home you too can prepare.

Sugar - 500 grams
Corn flour - 50 grams

Just add both the ingredients in a blender and blend together. Don't run continuously. Just pulse or run for a few seconds and then repeat until sugar gets powdered. Sift and use. So simple and good quality icing sugar is ready  

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