Monday, March 16, 2009


  • While lighting candle keep the candle in a clay pot lamp to collect spilled wax. Keep a wick in the pot. While the candle melts completely we can use the wax collected as lamp.
  • If candle spilled on the floor or any other surface, freeze the wax with ice cubes. Now it'll be easier to remove.
  • Keep lighted candle away from air to avoid it from melting soon. It lasts long than in air.
  • Trim the extra long wick while burning to avoid smoke.
  • Always use candles with candle holder to avoid it from spilling on our hands or other surfaces.
  • We can make easy candle holders from any waste metal container stick onto a plastic plate or waste CD. Plastic plate or CD is used for easy handling.
  • The wax collected can be melted, mixed with wax colors and poured in moulds to make different shapes. These can be used to decorate our home.

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