Monday, March 16, 2009


  • When we crack egg and pour in a vessel for omelette, a piece of egg shell may also fall. Use the bigger egg shell as spoon to remove the piece.
  • While boiling egg add a pinch of salt to avoid crack.
  • To avoid the black color on the yolks, dont overcook the egg. Also remove from boiling water immediately and put in cold water.
  • If we have less amount of egg and we need more omelette, dont worry. Add some gram flour and water to the egg to make 3 omelettes out of 2 eggs.
  • While beating egg for omelette use salt diluted water instead of salt powder to avoid salt from not dissolving.
  • Another way to avoid this is, first mix salt with onion and green chilly. When salt dissolves well add egg, beat well and prepare omelette.
  • To make scrambled egg tastier stir briskly while frying.
  • Boiled egg can be cut with thread to avoid jagged edges. Wet knife can also be used.

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