Sunday, January 24, 2016



Dehusked black gram splits/ ulunthu paruppu - 1 cup
Partially boiled rice / pulungal arisi - 1 cup
Kambu flour - 2 cups
Salt to taste


Soak gram splits and rice separately for 1 hour. Grind the gram splits first in wet grinder.

Make it a very fine paste adding water little by little to make a fluffy batter. When done remove and keep in a large vessel. 

In the same grinder add rice and grind it to a slightly coarse paste. Don't grind to a very fine paste. When done remove and add to the same vessel.

Now add 2 cups kambu flour, salt to taste and mix well.

Allow it to ferment overnight.

Spoon the batter to idly mould and steam for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes remove and set aside for a few seconds. Drop few drops of water to the sides and below the plate to remove the idly easily.
Very soft idly is now ready. Serve hot with chutney, sambar or any gravy. I love with idly powder mixed with gingelly oil.

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